This handy tool will help you measure the current download and upload speeds of your internet connection. You may want to stop all other internet activities before beginning the test.
What is the purpose of the Speedtest?
The purpose of the Speedtest is to measure the Maxis Broadband Internet connection between your device (notebooks or mobile phone) and Maxis’ local internet gateway.

What does the Speedtest measure?
The Speedtest measures the download speed and upload speed of Maxis Broadband connectivity.

Why is it that sometimes the Speedtest results show higher speeds as compared to the speeds when I am surfing and downloading from the internet?
The Speedtest measures the speed from your device to Maxis’ local internet gateway. It does not measure the speed to the servers where you are accessing. Please note that the following factors need to be considered as it will impact your experience:
• Performance of the particular device that you are using
• The utilization of the international network.
• The utilization of the overseas network provider.
• The performance of the server being accesses.
• Other factors that is not within Maxis control.

What are the system requirements in order to perform the test?
• Adobe Flash Player 8.0 or higher is required.
• Firefox 3 (all prior versions should work fine).
• Internet Explorer 8 (versions 6 and 7 should work fine).
• Safari 4 (version 3 should also work fine).

What do you mean by throughput?
Throughput is the amount of data that can be transferred over the internet at any point.

Why is it that I get different results if I were to use a different Speedtest?
These are the factors that may contribute to the different results:
• The protocol used: ping or http.
• The location of the server i.e., where the Speedtest is hosted.
• The performance of the test server.
• The internet connectivity.
Should there be any complaints on the speed of broadband connectivity, Maxis will base on the reading from the Maxis Speedtest.

How do I retest?
Click on the Restart Test button.

The speed measured here is the speed between your device (pc, notebook or handphone) and Maxis's local Internet access gateway. The actual Internet connection speeds may vary depending on many factors including wireless signal strength, the performance of your device, the application used, the accessed server performance, utilization of international links and so forth.